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Detected Salmonella outbreaks double in Denmark

There were double the amount of Salmonella outbreaks detected in Denmark last year compared to 2016, according to the 2017 annual report on zoonoses.

A total of 63 foodborne disease outbreaks with 1,151 patients were recorded last year compared to 49

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Thirteen people have been infected with Salmonella across Norway but the source has not yet been identified.

Folkehelseinstituttet (The Norwegian Institute of Public Health) said Salmonella enteritidis infection has been detected in people living in

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A European audit of measures to control Salmonella in Poland has found instances where detection of the pathogen was 100 times lower in testing by food businesses versus official tests.

Compared with government sampling results, the level of companie

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Around 50 people in five European countries have been struck down with a rare strain of Salmonella.

Salmonella Mikawasima has infected 15 people in Germany, 13 in Sweden, eight in both Denmark and the Czech Republic and six in Austria.

The Austrian A

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Repeated incidents of raw meat products as a source of infection shows the importance of risk awareness when handling or consuming such items, according to Dutch researchers investigating a Salmonella outbreak that sickened 46 people in 2015.


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In the U.S., Norovirus remains the leading cause of foodborne-disease outbreaks.

Outbreaks caused by ListeriaSalmonella, and STEC are important targets for public-health intervention efforts, and improving the safety of chicken, pork, and seeded ve

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Update on Salmonella Agona outbreak

The withdrawal and/or recall of infant formula produced by a single French processing company will significantly reduce the risk of more infants being infected by Salmonella Agona, say EFSA and ECDC as a result of a rapid outbreak assessment.


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