Quiz Time!


Try your hand at this issue’s quiz and you could be in with a chance to win a fantastic prize!


Question 1
What is gochujang?

Question 2
What flower produces a vanilla pod?

Question 3
What drink did Dr John S. Pemberton invent?

Question 4
What is the recommended maximum refrigerator temperature to ensure food safety?

Question 5
Grissini, challah, and injera are types of what?

Question 6
What fruit does grenadine come from?

Question 7
What is Joey from Friends’ favourite food?

Question 8
What fish is found in Caesar salad dressing?

Question 9
What would you consume from a chawan?

Question 10
Raw chicken should be washed – true or false?



safefood is delighted to offer one lucky quiz winner a fantastic food hamper (similar to pictured). 
To enter: Simply complete the quiz above and send your answers to knowledgenetwork@safefood.net
before 26th July 2024. This competition is open to Knowledge Network members 
on the island of Ireland only.

Congratulations to the winner of issue 28’s quiz, Stephen Ahern, Chief Medical Scientist and Technical Manager
in the Public Health Laboratory, Microbiology Department, University Hospital Waterford. 

Answers: 1) Natasha’s Law; 2) Carbohydrates; 3) Cepelinai; 4) Fabaceae family; 5) True; 6) Apple; 7) Mozzarella; 8) Onion, celery and carrot; 9) Pink; 10) True

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