Quiz Time!

Quiz Time!


Try your hand at this issue’s quiz and you could be in with a chance to win a fantastic prize!

Question 1: What is the primary ingredient in Gochujang?

Question 2: Orecchiette takes its name from which body part?

Question 3: What does the term carpaccio mean in cooking?

Question 4: What vegetable is also known lady’s fingers?

Question 5: When transporting food, where is the coolest part of the car?

Question 6: What country does the lúcuma fruit hail from?

Question 7: When barbecuing, what temperatures should meats like burgers and sausages be cooked to?

Question 8: Where is the Currywurst Museum?

Question 9: What C is a type of bread usually eaten on Jewish ceremonial occasions?

Question 10: What gives pesto its green colour?


safefood is delighted to offer one lucky quiz winner a fantastic food hamper (similar to pictured). 12224143254?profile=RESIZE_400x
To enter: Simply complete the quiz above and send your answers to knowledgenetwork@ safefood.net before 27th October 2023. This competition is open to Knowledge Network members on the island of Ireland only.

Congratulations to Sharon Crowe, Executive Analytical Chemist, Public Analyst’s Laboratory, HSE, Community Healthcare West, Galway, who was the winner of issue 26’s quiz. 
Answers to the questions in Issue 26: 
1. Fear of cooking
2. The Carolina Reaper
3. An Italian cured meat product prepared from pork jowl
4. Mussel
5. Apple
6. Radish
7. Botswana
8. The can opener
9. True!
10. Coriander

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