Scope of Consultation
EFSA's Pesticides Peer Review Unit has launched an open consultation on the active substance Glyphosate to gather comments on the Rapporteur Member State’s Assessment Report
A parallel consultation on CLH proposal is ongoing on the ECHA website ( Comments related to the CLH report should be submitted directly to ECHA.
Interested parties are invited to submit their comments by the indicated deadline. At the beginning of each comment, the reference to the assessment report corresponding to the comment should be given by indicating the Volume number, the chapter number, the page(s), and a short description following this structure: e.g. “Vol. 3, B.8.1, page(s) 41, Route and rate of degradation”.
Examples: “Vol. 3, B.6.1.2 through B.6.1.4, page(s) 34, Absorption, excretion and distribution studies. Justification for the adequacy of the use of a single radiolabel in these studies may be necessary.” “Vol. 3, B.7.1.2, page(s) 22-23, Proposed MRLs. It is considered that MRLs should not be proposed for non-cereal food crops or poultry products (as intakes in poultry are not significant).”
Any comment on the Endocrine Disrupting properties can be submitted in subsection 2.13 “Other comments, proposal for classification”.
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