Congratulations to the winner of our last competition, Dr. Leonie Wallace, Public Analyst’s Library, Galway.

The answer to the previous crossword was FESTIVE.

safefood is delighted to offer one lucky crossword winner a luxury hamper of gourmet food from Arcadia Delicatessen in Belfast.

Simply find the hidden word in the crossword, made up from the letters highlighted, and send the answer to before 1st July 2019. This competition is open to Knowledge Network Members on the island of Ireland only.



7 Herb-flavoured wine-based drink (8)

8 Plant used in medicine or cookery (4)

9 Pannier, punnet, etc (6)

10 Grilled Italian sandwiches (6)

11 Internal organ of various animals cooked as meat (5)

12 Meat of the deer (7)

15 Temperature scale option on ovens (7)

17 Fruits of the blackthorn used to flavour and colour spirits like gin (5)

19 Kitchen equipment used to weigh or balance items (6)

21 Epithet for red Bordeaux wine (6)

22 Paste made of finely minced 11, for one (4)

23 Flavoured or made with hazelnuts (8)



1 Glutinous protein from animal tissues used in cooking as a fixative (8)

2 Scottish cured haddock or whiting (6)

3 ‘Cooked’ in French (4)

4 Result of being beaten into a mixture (7)

5 Okra or lady’s fingers (in Indian food) (6)

6 Husks of grain sifted from flour (4)

13 Flat dish of 4 eggs (8)

14 Types of cooking and cooking preparation (7)

16 Tray or large plate for serving food or drinks (6)

18 Cause to raise, puff up, for example, by yeast (6)

20 --- chowder, a New England seafood favourite (4)

21 Potato piece with a different meaning in the US to Ireland & UK (4)

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