New research from safefood reveals that almost 4 in 10 people are concerned about getting Christmas dinner right this year. The main concern is the cost of the food (52%) while 9% of respondents claimed to be worried about overcooking turkey and 6% are focused on undercooking it and not being sure if it’s safe to eat. Other concerns included getting all of the food to the table hot (9%) and having leftover food that goes to waste (9%).

The research was commissioned by safefood as part of the annual ‘Trust the Meat Thermometer’ campaign. This year, safefood is again supporting home cooks to help them ensure that turkey is neither overcooked and more importantly, not undercooked. Their advice is to use a meat thermometer to ensure that turkey is cooked through to 75 degrees Celsius. safefood also has extra information this year on Christmas dinner leftovers to ensure they’re not going to waste.

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