Quiz Time

Try your hand at this issue’s quiz and you could be in with a chance to win a fantastic prize!

Question 1: What bean would you find in chocolate?
Question 2: What disease is caused by a lack of vitamin C?
Question 3: What word beginning with N means drink of the gods?
Question 4: Where does feta cheese originate from?
Question 5: What is a courgette known as in America?
Question 6: What type of pasta is elbow-shaped?
Question 7: What is nigiri?
Question 8: Tafelspitz is the national dish of what country?
Question 9: What fruit is grenadine made from?
Question 10: What does EVOO stand for?

safefood is delighted to offer one lucky quiz winner a fantastic food hamper (similar to pictured).


To enter: Simply complete the quiz above and send your answers to knowledgenetwork@safefood.net before 5 August 2022. This competition is open to Knowledge Network members on the island of Ireland only.

Congratulations to Jackie Doody of South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital who was the winner of issue 22’s quiz.
Answers: 1) Mayonnaise, tomato ketchup and Worcestershire sauce 2) Yeast 3) Wheat 4) Cranberry sauce 5) Durian 6) Snail 7) Baking soda 8) Cabbage 9) Wagyu 10) Chickpea



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