EFSA's 2020 Thematic Grant Call

  1. Gastro-intestinal tract microbiomes (human and domestic animal);
  2. Environmental microbiomes (plants, wildlife, soil)

Objectives: for each of the two lots, the proposals should deliver overviews and evidence-based advice for producing risk assessments (specifically on chemical and biological hazards in the agri/food/feed chain; exposure to products to be used in the agri/food/feed chain; and the metabolization of such) on the following aspects:

  1. The state of the art and critical appraisal of technologies and (in vitro/in silico/in vivo) models for:
  2. characterising microbiomes and establishing baselines;
  3. studying the impact of exposure to potential chemical and biological perturbators on microbiomes;
  4. assessing the impact of microbiomes and their perturbation on the health of their host.
  5. Steps to advance regulatory-orientated research needed for estimating effects on/by microbiomes;
  6. A roadmap for risk assessment bodies for addressing the effects on/by microbiomes.

More information will be made available as soon as the call is launched and published on EFSA’s website. Please note that, on this same webpage here, EFSA has recently published its “2020 EFSA Scientific Cooperation plan: calls for tenders (procurement) and calls for proposals (grants)” with the indicative title, budget and timing for launch.

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