Food Safety Skills Fund

The safefood Food Safety Skills Fund enables safefood Knowledge Network members to enhance their skills, broaden their expertise and create linkages between those involved in food safety on the island of Ireland. Members can visit other laboratories, attend conferences, centres of excellence and other training events that are food safety related. safefood strongly promotes cross-border and cross-sectoral exchanges and visits.

The overall purpose of the Knowledge Network is to;

  • create linkages between those involved in food safety on the island of Ireland
  • bring together those involved in creating and applying knowledge to support and enhance food safety
  • contribute to policy development and to the knowledge economy


Enhance your skills and broaden your experience

Due to the current ongoing COVID-19 situation, safefood has taken the decision to extend the suspension of the Food Safety Skills Fund Programme until June 2022, at which time the situation will be reviewed again and a decision will be taken in regard to the resumption of the programme. Please note that we will not be accepting or considering any applications for 2022 until a decision regarding the resumption of the programme has been made.

An update in regard to the outcome from this review will be posted on the safefood Knowledge Network website as well as in our Knowledge Network newsletters.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our Knowledge Network members for your understanding and hope that we will all be in a better place in the not too distant future.

Video Interviews

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End of Visit Reports

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