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There are currently 120 ecolabels used on food, each one offering something slightly different. Some, like Fairtrade, organic and the Marine Stewardship Council’s ‘blue tick’ are commonplace in supermarkets and, increasingly, restaurants and coffee s


Ethylene oxide is a gaseous substance with a range of potential applications, mostly stemming from its highly reactive nature.  It has been historically used in the food industry as a fumigant because of its capability to disinfect without using hea


Journalist David Burrows takes a look at the much-hyped world of synthetic meat and what it could mean for the future of the food industry.

Twelve months ago, Singapore became the first country to approve a lab-grown meat. “For the first time, meat

Journalist David Burrows looks into the growing issue of adulterated or “funny” honey and its damaging impact.

 There is a problem with honey and the bees that make it. “I am scared,” says Federico Facchin, policy advisor at Copa-Cogeca, which repres

David Burrows looks at the possibility of algae and microalgae becoming a regular part of our diets.

The International Space Station is currently testing a new photobioreactor that uses algae to convert the carbon dioxide produced by its astronauts i