Frequently Asked Questions

Who are safefood?

safefood is a North-South body, responsible for the promotion of food safety and healthy eating on the island of Ireland. safefood were established in 1999 under the terms of the British-Irish Agreement Act 1999 and the North-South Co-operation (Implementation Bodies) Northern Ireland Order 1999.


What are the safefood Knowledge Network?

The safefood Knowledge Network brings together groups of food safety professionals interested in specific food safety topics.  The aim of the safefood Network is to further the integration of food safety and food behaviour capacities on the island of Ireland by creating linkages between professionals. The Network builds on the strengths of the former safefood research networks by expanding participation across disciplines and sectors of the food chain on an all-island basis. The network enables a community of professionals to be formed and will provide a dynamic and rewarding environment for the exchange of food safety information and make a positive contribution to public health on the island. 


How do I participate in the Network?
The Knowledge Networks provides many opportunities for member involvement. All members are welcome to take part in the following activities

• Share a news story, research report or technical document you think would interest the members.

• Submit an article to the Network News or The Food Chain magazine, contact us for more information and copy deadlines.

• Attend a Knowledge Network event, participation is free for members.

• Present an oral or poster presentation at a Knowledge Network Conference.

• Add your organisations events to our events section.

• Apply for Food Safety Skills Fund.


How do I control my e-mail settings and messages from a Ning Network?

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How do I opt-out from receiving emails I receive  from the safefood Knowledge Network?

At the bottom of your e-mail message, you will see a link to manage your e-mail settings. Click on the "click here" link and you will be taken to the opt-out page. You don't need to sign in to the Ning Network if you would like to block all e-mails from the sender or stop receiving e-mails from that network. The link to change the email settings will expire after 7 days.