Food Hypersensitivity Podcasts/Webinars

 The safefood podcasts bring you insights and advice from leading experts on food safety. Through our podcast series, we’ll be looking at factors that shape the food industry on the island of Ireland.

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Milk allergy and intolerance- Podcast

Presented by Hazel Gowland in association with safefood, This podcast takes a look at the very broad area of hypersensitivity to milk and dairy products or in essence, milk allergies and milk intolerances.

Below you will find some useful recording's of webinars on a range of different topics presented to small food businesses

The management of allergens through cleaning - Webinar

In this presentation, Peter reviews the role of cleaning & disinfection in the management and control of allergens in food premises and covers the following topics:

  • Understanding the industry
  • What is cleaning and the methods that can be used
  • The challenges faced in cleaning different surfaces
  • What does clean look like from the perspective of allergens
  • Concerning disinfection
  • Questions & Answers session.

White paper on the management of allergens through cleaning

Food Allergen Management - Webinar

This is a webinar recorded with Pat O’Mahony, Chief Specialist Food Science & Technology at the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, and James McIntosh, Chief Toxicologist at safefood.


Update on milk hypersensitivity

Presented by Hazel Gowland in association with safefood.

This webinar looks at the challenges facing consumers with milk hypersensitivity, both through food allergy & intolerance. Who are these consumers, what are their strategies for allergen avoidance and what can food businesses do to ensure their safety?

Hazel Gowland is a leading advocate for people with food allergies.


Allergens- who's responsibility is it anyway?

The aim of this webinar is to assist small food businesses (both manufacturing and catering) in their efforts to control food allergens by providing practical examples of approaches that work in this regard. It was hosted by safefood in partnership with Brenda Loughman, Director of Loughman Mangement Solutions LTD.