Businesses are keeping schtum, and this is an event that’s never happened before – still, we’ve an idea of what it would mean.

HOW WOULD BREXIT affect Irish fridges, shelves, and shops?
We’re just three weeks out from the 29 March, the date by which the UK is due to leave the European Union, and a no-deal Brexit seems more likely than ever. Although companies are steering clear of speculation, there is a fear about what exists now as a free-flowing and open market could shudder to a halt, at least briefly, because of Brexit.

Ireland, of course, has a close business and trading relationship with the UK, which means Brexit, particularly the uncertainty that it’s brought, has threatened it.

Of particular significance are the Irish businesses that export to the UK, and rely on that UK market to a significant degree: if that market is closed off to them, or becomes less lucrative to export to, then that could threaten businesses to the point of collapse. This means that some foods produced and distributed inside Ireland could be at risk.

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