A Conservative MEP has hit out at a report by the European Parliament’s special committee on pesticides which ‘vilified’ the bodies involved in approvals for plant protection products (PPPs).

The report, which recommended the decision to re-licence glyphosate be re-assessed, was adopted by the European Parliament with 526 votes to 66.

But Anthea McIntyre, who sat on the special committee, has now published her own alternative report, describing the original piece of work as ‘extremely disappointing’ and a ‘poor reflection’ on the European Parliament.

Ms McIntyre said: “The European Union’s approval process for PPPs is one of the most stringent systems in the world.

“Yet to read the PEST Committee’s report, you really would not think so. Despite hearing from a range of experts and authorities, the report was prepared in a very selective manner, with many of these experts’ contributions being completely disregarded.

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