The European Parliament’s PEST Committee reached the 'wrong conclusions' and 'disregarded key evidence' over the renewal of pesticides, a new report says.

The 'alternative report', by British MEP and Conservative agricultural spokesman, Anthea McIntyre, looks to set the 'record straight' and 'offer balance' to the committee’s proposals for the future of pesticides regulation in a report released last year.

The European Parliament voted in January on the EU's temporary committee on pesticides (PEST) proposals to boost transparency in the approval procedure of pesticides through the introduction of new regulations.

Plans include the public to be granted access to studies used in the authorisation procedure and the promotion of 'low-risk pesticides'.

But Miss McIntyre said the voice of 'rational, science-based reasoning' needs to be heard, and to support farmers 'who are the ones that will inevitably bear the brunt of further burdensome regulation'.

Her new report says: “Regrettably...rather than offer a balanced, thoughtful reflection on the legislative framework the PEST report purposefully vilifies those involved, from EFSA (the European Food Safety Agency) to national competent authorities, and underplays (their) effectiveness...”

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